Who we are and what drives us


We are an ambitious, multi-national team with many years of experience in the development of embedded systems and medical devices.

We share a common passion for developing innovative solutions to help people overcome their professional and everyday challenges and solve real problems. The diverse professional and national backgrounds of our team help us to look at challenges from different angles and find solutions that are unconventional at first, but revolutionary at second glance.

Experience & team spirit

Even before the idea for NKTEK, we developed x86 mainboards together for years and brought products from the idea to market maturity.

It has always been important for us to consider all associated processes in order to develop products to the highest standards: From product definition, project planning, development, purchasing and production through to cost analysis. Only those who know about their processes can make sensible decisions and develop relevant solutions for the customer. Our team has already gained valuable experience in the development of medical devices and wireless networks as well as in purchasing and sales. Ultimately, the joint idea for HerdTek was born in order to bring modern technologies and our accumulated experience to dairy farming.

Our vision

In today's world, profitability, animal welfare and sustainability should not be mutually exclusive.

Dairy farming presents enormous challenges: Time pressure, increasing herd sizes, off-farm commitments, staff shortages. We want to develop solutions so that farmers and vets can save time, costs and resources and dairy cows receive better health care. Our vision is to revolutionize dairy farming through innovative technologies and solutions.

Animal welfare

Ideal health care and reduction of antibiotics


Durable products, saving resources & working more efficiently


Use of modern technologies in animal husbandry


Developing optimal solutions in close cooperation with our customers

Our supporters

When developing a system with the complexity of HerdTek, it is essential to be able to draw on the expertise and experience of mentors and external partners. Only through interdisciplinary cooperation can we ensure that we develop a product that meets our customers' requirements.

We are therefore proud to work closely with a team of experts. Our mentors consist of experienced farmers, accomplished veterinarians and knowledgeable animal farmers, providing us with valuable practical insights. This wealth of experience enables us to develop products that meet the real needs of the industry.

High-tech for animal welfare and efficiency in dairy farming

We are revolutionizing dairy farming with HerdTek - a unique fusion of modern hardware and innovative AI that benefits both profitability and animal welfare.