HerdTek: The all-round package for modern dairy farming

Improve animal health

Save time & costs

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Healthy cows for a
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HerdTek is the most modern and comprehensive system for monitoring the health of dairy cows. Funktionen im Detail

We know that dairy farming presents enormous challenges: Lack of time, price pressure, increasing herd sizes, non-agricultural commitments, lack of personnel. HerdTek supports you in the most central element of your profession by automatically monitoring the health of your animals around the clock. If abnormalities, diseases, an impending heat or calving are detected, you are notified immediately so that you can react accordingly. Because only healthy cows and productive cows offer the greatest yield.

Health monitoring

The earlier diseases are detected, the faster you can react. This can reduce the duration of the disease and the use of medication, prevent it from spreading in the herd and thus minimize follow-up costs.

HerdTek automatically monitors a wide range of your animals' health parameters around the clock in order to detect health problems at an early stage. HerdTek collects the most comprehensive and accurate health data, which enables a unique evaluation with the help of AI. In this way, anomalies and potential diseases can be detected from correlations that are too complex or impossible for all other systems due to a lack of data. More about HerdTek AI

Healthy, productive cows

Reduce costs due to illness

Shorter course of the disease

Reduced use of medication

Higher productivity

24/7 monitoring with AI

Heat detection

According to studies, the cost of a missed heat is over 100 euros. Knowing the optimum time for insemination is therefore essential.

Manual heat detection requires a lot of time and manpower. HerdTek takes the strain off you with automated heat detection: you are notified immediately when a heat is imminent, allowing you to increase your reproductive success in the long term. Knowing the optimum time for insemination also increases the probability of successful insemination.

Reduced calving interval

Less time for heat observation

Lower insemination costs

Always informed about fertility problems


The course and monitoring of calving are crucial for the health of the young animal and the cow.

HerdTek monitors the health data of your cows and informs you in good time about an upcoming calving. This allows you to take any necessary precautions in peace and react in good time in the event of problems. Without having to keep checking manually for days on end whether calving is about to begin.

Reducing the stillbirth rate

Identify problems in good time

Reduce the risk of complications

Always informed about calving

HerdTek AI

HerdTek AI makes our system unique: the large amount of high-precision health data collected is combined with advanced AI analysis. This opens up completely new possibilities for early warning and disease detection.

Conventional methods for evaluating health data are strongly limited to basic functions such as fever detection or deviation in movement activity. However, most anomalies and diseases can be predicted and detected best and earliest by analyzing several parameters.

Thanks to the HerdTek AI, it is possible to make predictions from even the most complex correlations. This allows HerdTek to detect a greater number of anomalies and potential diseases while notifying you more quickly than when using conventional analysis methods. This allows you to react early to problems and thus shorten disease progression, minimize downtime, reduce the use of medication, prevent follow-up costs and much more.