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HerdTek is our all-round package for successful, modern dairy farming: early detection of diseases, heat detection, time savings and more.

Does that sound familiar?

Anger over missed heat signs, which lead to reduced reproductive success

Continued pressure to increase the profitability of the herd to ensure the survival of the farm

Fear for bad health of your animals, as the productivity and quality of the milk suffers

Illnesses and their consequences drive up operating costs

HerdTek is the most modern System for monitoring the health of dairy cows

HerdTek automatically monitors a wide range of health data around the clock, providing an insight into the health of your dairy cows. This enables HerdTek to warn you of anomalies and potential diseases at an early stage so that you can react in good time.

Health monitoring

HerdTek detects health problems in cows at an early stage, even before obvious symptoms appear. This enables early intervention to increase productivity and reduce costs.

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Heat detection

Knowing the optimum time for insemination is essential to ensure the long-term reproductive success of the herd. With HerdTek, you will never miss a heat again thanks to early notification.

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The course of calving is crucial for the health of the young animal and the suckler cow. With HerdTek, calving is stress-free thanks to early notification of impending calving.

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Save time & costs

HerdTek automates the monitoring process and sends you real-time data on the health of the herd. This reduces the need for manual inspections and allows employees to use their time more efficiently.

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Your cow. Your overview. Stress-free.

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